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Benefits of using JK White Cement CEM II 32.5 :                  BS EN 197-1:2011, CEM II 32.5  and  friendly  thereby  eco  research  of  pattern,  pioneering  In   its continuous efforts  for   development  products,  JK White Cement has   launched CEM II 32.5 through  its  development.   We strive hard in developing   products based on its usage and   application  enhancing customer satisfaction,   experience and at the same time   reducin

         •  It is economical as compared to other grades of white cement.
         •  It is suitable for Masonry applications, thereby making it an excellent retail sales product.
         •  It allows the preparation of perfect mixtures with the color pigments.
         •  With its high fineness, perfect surfaces are obtained when appropriate molds are used.
         •  Less Corrosive - has low corrosion tendency due to low Alkali.

         Safety Precaution
         Warning - Keep out of reach of children, avoid contact with eyes, skin and respiratory. Wear appropriate personal
         protection equipment like safety gloves, goggles, protection clothing and respiratory protection mask.

         First aid -
         Eyes contact: Rinse eyes thoroughly with water for atleast 15 minutes, including under lids to remove all parti-
         cles. Seek medical attention for abrasions and burns.
         Skin contact : Wash with cool water and apH neutral soap or a mild skin detergent. Seek medical attention
         for rash, burns, irritation, dermatitis and prolonged unprotected exposures to wet cement, cement mixtures or
         liquids from wet cement.
         Inhalation : Move person to fresh air. Seek medical attention for discomfort or if coughing or other symptoms
         do not subside.
         Ingestion : Do not induce vomiting. If conscious, have person drink plenty of water, medical attention, seek or
         contact poison control centers immediately.

         Technical Support
         Further information and advice on this product and the full range of JK White Cement products can be obtained
         through putting your comments over

         The aforesaid information is based on our present state of knowledge and shall inform about our products and
         their application possibilities. Value and characteristics provided are typical and approximate size. It should not
         therefore, be construed as guaranteeing specific properties of the product described or their suitability for a
         particular application. Subject to change without prior notice.
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