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                                             - GENERAL PURPOSE WALL PUTTY

       Product Description: JK CEMENT WallMaxX WP11 is a White Cement based General Purpose Wall Putty. It is a factory
       controlled and high quality product to properly cover undulations of the concrete and plastered surfaces. Apart from giving
       good brightness, it provides as well a smooth finish, which is vital for successive painting stages.

               Key Features:
                Easy to use, just add water
                Good Workability
                Superior Whiteness

               Application Areas:

                Concrete, Pre-cast and Plastered Concrete substrates
                Plastered Solid/Hollow Concrete Blocks
                Plastered Light Weight/AAC Blocks

                                                             Technical Characteristics:
                                                             Properties            Results
                                                             Appearance            White Color Powder
                                                             Composition           White Cement, Fine Graded Fillers,
                                                                                   Re-dispersible Polymer powder and performance
                                                                                   enhancing Additives
                                                             Aggregate Size        < 0.150 mm
                                                             Compressive Strength* as per    > 2.5 N/mm²
                               Available in 25kg             EN:1015-11 (28 days)
                                                             Adhesive Strength* as per    > 0.25 N/mm²
                                                             EN:1015-12 (28 days)
                              Applicable Standards :         Setting Time*         7 – 9 Hours
                              EN:1015 – 11 | EN:1015 - 12     Density (Kg/Liter)       1.50 ± 0.20
                                                             Mixing Ratio          7.5 – 8.5 Liters/ 25 Kg Bag
                                                             Pack Size             25 Kg Paper Bags
                                                             Application Thickness     < 3 mm in multiple layers wherein
                                                                                   individual layer thickness not to exceed 1.5 mm.
                                                             Consumption           Approx. 1.25 – 1.5 Kg/m²/1 mm Thickness
                                                                                   (Consumption data may vary depending on nature of
                                                                                   substrate, application method, transfer efficiency, etc.)
                                                             * Based on laboratory values tested at Standard Conditions of Temperature and %Relative Humidity
       Application Guidelines:
       Surface Preparation:

                • All Surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned to remove dirt, oily stains, grease, loose particles, wood pieces, molds, etc.
                • For previously painted/old painted substrates, scrub the layers with proper emery paper/wire brush so that it is free from these
                   old paint/dust particles.
                • It should be mixed with clean water only.
                • Mixing should be done in a clean plastic or non-corrosive metal bucket.
                • It is recommended to mix using a low speed electric mixer fitted with proper paddle to achieve a good and homogeneous mix.
                • Mixing ratio is around 7.5 – 8.5 Liters of water per 25 Kg which can be adjusted as per site application conditions.
                • Once mixed, allow the mix to rest for about 5 minutes and mix it again without adding any extra water prior to application.
                • Also hard and set paste should not be remixed or reused.
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