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Application of J.K. White Cement                 Benefits of using JK White Cement

            For Floors                                       •  JK White Cement provides highest whiteness with
            •   Insitu Terrazzo Flooring
            •   Manufacturing & laying of mosaic tiles          utmost strength & durability.
            •   Pavement blocks with top layer of white      •   Our white cement proves to be economical when used
                   cement or coloured cement
            •   Extra heavy duty cement concrete tiles          in applications such as road barriers, median lines for
            •   Tile Fixing Grout                               saving energy on road lights.
            •   Tile Adhesive                                •   Aesthetics and pleasant to eyes are the key derivatives
            •   Stamped concrete flooring
            •   Designer Tiles (Industrial Stones)              from our product in building/civil structures.
            For Walls                                        •   Our white cement/white cement membrane applications
            •   Wall Putty                                      used in  building/residences helps in  sunlight reflection
            •   Exposed aggregate (grit wash) Plaster           thereby reducing energy consumption by air conditioners
            •   Textured Plaster (Malad/ Stonecrete)
            •   Cast Stone Finish/Marble Finish Plaster         thus proving economical to your pocket in long term.
            •   Pointing on Brick / Stone Work               •   Our white cement if added with color pigments in right
            •   Precast Cladding Panels
            •   GRC Wall Cladding                               proportion can give concrete a new definition of style and
            •   Dry mix Plasters                                appeal.
            Other applications                               •   Our white cement is perfect fit for any geography and
            •   Architectural Concrete                          temperatures, thus can be used in extreme weather conditions.
            •   Precast Elements/Components made of:
                   GRC (Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete)        Available Packaging Mix
            •   Ornamental Objects such as:
                   Garden Furniture, Flower Pots, Grills,       25 Kg in Paper bag    Jumbo Bag
                   Lamp Post etc.                                                     Packaging range  Bulk Cement
            •   Median Barriers                                 40 Kg in PP & paper bag  from 0.5-1.5 metric
            •   Kerb Stone                                      50 Kg in PP & paper bag
                                                                                      ton  in PP bag

        Conformity & Certifications

        A) Our product conforms to:                              B) We are certified by Bureau Veritas with:
        (i) British Standards: BS EN 197-1 CEM 1 52.5            (i) ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System
        (ii) American Society for Testing & Materials: ASTM C-150 Type 1  (ii) ISO 14001:2015 Environment Management System
        (iii) SABS : South African Bureau of Standards - CEM I & CEM II  (iii) CE Quality Mark - CEMI & CEMII
        (iv) SASO : Saudi Arabian Standards Organization         (iv) Kuwait Quality Certification

        Did you know this about White Cement

        •   With addition of pigments in white cement we can obtain any color thus required in final finish of the product
        •   For every 100 Kg of grey cement, less than 1 Kg of white cement is used as its applications are very specific
        •   White Cement grade limestone is very scantily available, thus it is manufactured in very few geographies across the

        •   It provides maximum safety at workplaces by reducing shadows and improving lighting efficiency thereby gaining more
            clear view in building, warehouses, etc.
        •   One of the integral part in road safety, white cement is also used in road barriers, and markings to reflect with light and
            for distant visibility

        •   Many facades of residences/building are done with white cement to protect it from fire

        we are a member of the Medma organization.

                                                    (Middle East Drymix Mortar Association)
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